Listed below are the members of Farmville Rotary:


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Member Name   Classification
Rhonda Arnold    Banking
Shashi Ayer    Physician
Bill Bergen   
Kenneth Boyd   
Brian Butler   
Sue Carter    Human Resources
Gregory Cole   
Russell Dove    Police Officer
Daniel Dwyer    Printing
Chamber of Commerce Farmville Area   
Julia Flores   
Bradley Foster   
Jen Fraley   
Bill Frank    Educator
John Gantt   
Stephen Goldberger    Physician
Paul Hicks, Jr    Dentist
Neil Humphreys    Insurance-Retired
Bob Jefferson    Insurance - Retired
Ben Johnson    CPA
Frank Lacey    Pastor
St. Clair LaRoche   
Jon Marken    Marketing
Julia McCann   
Dixie McDowell   
John Miller   
Kerby Moore    Financial Advisor
Kerry Mossler   
Randy Reed   
Brian Ross    Insurance Agent
Christine Ross   
Michael Ross   
Debbie Savage   
Teresa Stewart    Banking
Will Stewart   
John Sykes   
Maureen Sykes   
Cannon Watson    Investments
Justine Young   
Joe Zehner    Mechanical
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